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We offer a necklace plate with personalized engraving on both sides.

The combination is free - we can put two texts, photos, graphics, etc.

Item Features:

  • plate size: 3 mm x 14 mm;
  • hole diameter: 9 mm;
  • silver color;
  • made of surgical steel;
  • one side is smooth, glossy, the other is matte

Write what text, graphics, font should be on the tag.

If you want to add your own graphics or photos, please send them in a vector version or in good quality jpg.

Please note that the appearance of the engraver is affected by the quality of the photo. The suggested properties of the photo are at least 1000 px and 70-90 dpi, uniform background.

We do not modify the photos, they will be engraved as they were sent to us.

The engraving will be made with a laser and will last for centuries.

Double-sided engraving plate

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  • Produkty personalizowane nie podlegają zwrotowi. W wyjątkowych sytuacjach istnieje możliwość wymiany towaru. W tym celu należy skontaktować się ze sprzedającym.

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